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  1. If you have a Bible, look up and read the Bible verses in the bottom corner of each page of this book.

  2. Every day, learn a verse from each page of this book.

  3. Write a list or draw pictures of each of your fears. Draw a cross over each one. Have faith in Jesus to help you overcome your fear.

  4. Collect leaves or flower petals and write one of your fears on each. Pray to Jesus and ask Him to take your fears and trade them for His peace. Throw your leaves and petals into the wind!

  5. Read the first page of this book and then write something back to Jesus. Do this for every page until you have your own letter to Him!

  6. When you feel afraid, read this book and remind yourself of Jesus’ words to you. Read your letter back to Him as a prayer.

  7. Write out your favourite Bible verse and decorate it with pictures or things you find in nature like sticks, grass, flowers and leaves.

  8. Discuss:
    How powerful is Jesus? What did He remind you that He can do?
    Why does Jesus understand our pain and suffering?
    What is peace? How can we have peace no matter what is happening around us?
    How can you draw near to God?
    How can your faith overcome fear?

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