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  1. Using a pencil, draw the picture on the front cover.
    Draw a line across the page for the horizon.
    Draw the path through the field by starting at each bottom corner of your page and drawing lines which meet a point on your horizon line. Above this point, draw a cross in the sky.

  2. Paint your picture from the activity above  using dark shades for the field and path and light shades for the cross in the sky.
  3. Read the following definition of 'Overcome' (from
    ~ Consumed with something
    ~ Successfully solve a problem
    ~ Defeat an opponent
    ~ Prevail in spite of adversity
    Write a sentence of what you are overcome by (your fear, worry, problem, opponent, adversity).
    Write a sentence of how you will overcome this (successfully solve, defeat, prevail).

  4. The author's dedication states that her prayer for you is found in Ephesians 3:14-21. Read the passage and pray these words over yourself, your family and friends.
  5. Read Ephesians 3:18. 'And I pray that you... will have the power to understand the greatness of Christ's love. I pray that you can understand how wide and how high and how long and how deep that love is.'  Close your eyes and think about God's love being wider and higher and longer and deeper than you can imagine! Create your own representation of Jesus' love in any way you like - art, craft, collage, diorama, drama, dance, poetry, music. 
  6. Read Ephesians 3:17.  'I pray that your life will be strong in love and be built on love.'  
    When you imagine your life being strong in love and built on love, what does this look like to you? Build a creative project to represent your life built on God's love. What are some strong materials you could use? Perhaps you can find some wood or sticks, old bricks or rocks, or something else you can think of.

  7. What does Jesus mean when He says He is your shield? What is a shield used for? What does He shield us from? 
    Design and make your own shield. Decorate your shield and write Psalm 28:7 on it.
    'The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust him, and he helps me.'
  8. Trace around your hand. Inside your hand, write down your fears and worries which you need to overcome. Cut out the picture of your hand. Place the cut out hand on another page and draw a larger hand around it, leaving the same amount of space between your hand and the large hand all the way around. Cut out the large hand.
    What do you think these hands represent? Paste the small hand onto the large hand.
    Can you tell a story about overcoming your fears using the two hands? 
    Hint: the small hand represents you and the large hand represents God. 

  9. See if you can find a dandelion (or a similar flower or plant) as seen on page 21. Try blowing the seeds or petals, imagining they are your fears and worries being given to God.
  10. Draw a picture or make a collage of a dandelion or flower with its petals blowing away. On (or beside) each petal, write a fear or anxiety you may have. Draw or paste new petals on the flower with positive things you can think about and focus on. Thank Jesus for the way He trades your worries for His peace.
  11. Memorise the following words from 1 John 5:4.
    'Every child of God defeats this evil world, and we achieve this victory through our faith.'
    Practice saying these words in your mind with each breath you take. Repeat it a few times.
    Breathe in: "Every child of God..."
    Breathe out: "Defeats this evil world..."
    Breathe in: "We achieve this victory..."
    Breathe out: "Through our faith..."

  12. Click here to complete a WordSearch, then find each word in the book!
  13. Take a photo of yourself jumping with the sunset in the background (or draw a picture).
  14. Choose a Colouring Page from the tab above. Write your favourite Memory Verse on it and colour it in.
  15. Print the picture on the Colouring Page of the tall trees going up into the sky. Write words on each tree to remind yourself how Jesus helps you when you feel scared or worried. Words might include: peace, hope, trust, shield, protect, heal, care, love.
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