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  1. How powerful is Jesus?

  2. What did He remind you that He can do?

  3. Why does Jesus understand our pain and suffering?

  4. What is peace?

  5. How can we have peace no matter what is happening around us?

  6. How can you draw near to God?

  7. Jesus wants to be your friend. How can begin your friendship with Jesus? Click here for help.

  8. How can your faith overcome fear?

  9. What kinds of things does Jesus care about?

  10. What did Jesus mean when he said that he has overcome the world?

  11. What things make you feel scared or worried?

  12. Why do you think the pictures on pages 4 and 5 are in dark shades? How does this contrast to pages 6 and 7?

  13. What is the shape of the light shining in the sky on page 7? What is the significance of this?

  14. What are the things Jesus sets people free from? Can you think of any more?

  15. How do you think God uses all things for good?

  16. In what ways do you think Jesus is teaching and training you? What have you been learning from Him?

  17. Look at the picture of the baby being held in its Father's arms. What does this remind you of? Is it a symbol for us?

  18. 'Your own strength and knowledge are just an illusion.'  What does this mean? See Proverbs 3:5.

  19. When we experience His peace, how does Jesus guard our hearts? How does Jesus guard our minds?

  20. Why do you think the kids are jumping with their hands in the air? How do you think they are feeling and why?

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